Overlord anime best upcoming anime summer 2015

Overlord Momonga

I am sure Overlord anime will be one of the best upcoming anime for this summer 2015 🙂

If you haven’t have no idea what Overlord is, better watch this anime promotion video 1st

What Overlord anime is about

It is based on a virtual reality game called YGGDRASIL, which is a very popular online game which was going to shut down (not sure why). During the last day of the game, one player named Momonga decides to stay till the server shutdown and thus will automatically kick him out. Once the server shutdown reached, he didn’t get kick out of the game and got stuck in the game where he slowly experience different things happening around him like NPC gaining self-awareness. This will be the beginning of Momonga adventure as a lich, a magical skeleton monster to take over the new world of YGGDRASIL.

This reminds me Sword Art Online(SAO) as it is also based on a virtual reality game which all the players were trapped inside.

This is the first promotional video of Overlord

After watching the trailer, “Overlord anime best upcoming anime summer 2015”, do you agree?

Hopefully Overlord anime will follow the pace of the light novel so it will not rush all the minor details 🙂

Read more regarding Overlord English light novel if you haven’t 😛

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