Overlord Anime Episode 3

Overlord Anime Episode 3

Just finished watching the latest episode of Overlord Anime.
1 Word to describe it, is EPIC!
Overlord Anime Episode 3 is where all of the fight scenes will slowly begins.

Overlord Anime Episode 3 – Spoilers

Momonga uses Ains Ooal Gown as his alias where he wants to spread this alias so his other guild mates can find him when they heard of this name if they stuck in this world too.

Overlord Ains Ooal Gown
This episode also is more about the Momonga summoned his death knight and testing out his combat abilities against real foes.

Overlord Death Knight Summon
Where his death knight which is supposed to be his shield went and slaughter some of the attacking knights after receiving orders from Momonga.
The fight scene was pretty good as it is super violent, body part flying left and right, blood spewing out of the knight’s body.

Momonga was able to gathering some useful information regarding the nations nearby and how strong is his current stats.

The ending of Overlord Anime Episode 3 is when “Slane Theocracy” army is spotted nearby the village.
Next episode will the EPIC showdown between Gazef Stronoff against “Slane Theocracy” army/

Don’t want to spoil so much…So better watch it 😛

Differences about Alberto

I also don’t why, but I enjoyed watching Alberto.
She is kinda weird in a good way…If you know what I mean 😛
Just want to point out the differences for Alberto between Overlord light Novel version and Overlord Anime version and Overlord Manga version.

Overlord Light Novel

A person dressed in a full set of black armor appeared. The armor made the figure look like a devil. Covered with spikes and not showing the tiniest amount of skin. Wearing metal gloves with long claws, in one hand a black kite shield, the other holding an axe gently emitting a green glow. Wearing a blood red cloak fluttering in the wind, complementing the red blouse worn underneath.

Overlord Anime

In Overlord Anime Episode 3, she is full armored but the female knight armor colour is black plus purple.
Her battle axe is black colour only, nothing fancy (no glow).

Pardon Momonga cloak which is in the screenshot

Overlord Manga

In the Overlord manga, she is wearing a full armored which looks like male heavy knight armor which is quite similar described in the Overlord light novel version but quite different from Overlord Anime.

Alberto Full Armor Manga
You can view Alberto’s armor in this chapter http://bato.to/read/_/308012/overlord_ch3_by_ak-scanlations/4

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