Overlord English Anime Finally Released!! Watch it quick!!

Alberto - Overlord

So so happy that Overlord anime is out…Been reading Overlord English light novel and Overlord English manga all the time.
Been following both of them very closely; once it is released, I will pause all my work and read them first 😛

Yggdrasil Overlord English Anime

SPOILER: Overlord English Anime episode 1

After watching the 1st episode of Overlord, I am pretty impressed with the voice acting for Momonga. At first, I was like mehhh…Why Momonga voice is so weak(kinda like a timid salaryman voice).
It was a let down but I was wrong.
When he is speaking in his lich form after he is stuck in the server, his voice totally changed to a deeper voice which is more menacing like a real undead ruler but he still maintain his real life voice(the weak voice) while he is thinking out loud.

Momonga - Overlord

Alberto is very hot and it is hilarious when Momonga made a sudden request to do something perverted(Pssshh….Better watch to understand what he did)

Alberto is pervertly happy

Aura is what I imagined her to be like (since manga and light novel don’t have voices) 😛

Aura - Overlord

Mare is timid as usual, what a “trap” (if you know what I mean) 😛

Mare - Overlord

A last picture for another floor guardian, Shalltear Bloodfallen who you will see her face quite often in the coming episodes (watch the Overlord opening for more spoilers)

Shalltear - Overlord

If you compared the Overlord English manga and Overlord English anime, the pace is the same, which is a bit fast and many contents have been simplified compared to Overlord English light novel. Hopefully, they don’t rush it too much and change the story totally like some other anime.

Enjoy the Overlord Anime Opening and Ending (taken from YouTube)

Overlord English Anime Opening

Overlord English Anime Ending

If you want to read Overlord English light novel (translated), maybe you can find out more details here.

If you want to download Overlord English anime, I would recommend you download using torrent from Tokyotosho

PS: Resized the images a little too small..pardon my noob-ness 🙁

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