Awaiting Overlord Volume 12

Demiurge Overlord

Overlord Volume 12 will not be releasing anything soon since Overlord Volume 11 just released not long ago.
There is no fixed date or any announcements yet.
Usually it will take around 4 months to 6 months for a new volume of Overlord to be released.
Hopefully there will not be any delays to the release of Overlord Volume 12.

If you haven’t read Overlord Volume 11 yet, you can read it using the link below:

Overlord Volume 11

ainz ooal gown guild for Overlord Volume 12

Potential Spoilers for Overlord Volume 12

**Do not read this fan written novel if you don’t like any spoilers**
There is a fan written for Overlord Volume 12 which is superbly written which gives me goosebumps.
Each chapters that he wrote is quite similar to the original story-line where you will be thinking that this is the actual Overlord Volume 12.

The title for the fan written for Overlord Volume 12 is The Two Monsters
It is written by Jokesonu
Synopsis for fan written for Overlord Volume 12:

Non-canon Volume 12 of Overlord. Beware of spoilers from previous chapters. Demiurge’s plans for the Holy Kingdom, a new showdown with Jaldabaoth, more sausage from Ainz, and the thing Lupus tells Enri at the end of Volume 11.. Find it all here! This is the first fan fiction I’ve written, and I would appreciate your comments and feedback. I plan to update it every day.

It is still ongoing…
Here is the link for it and be prepared to be amazed!

Overlord Volume 12 FanFiction

Here is another fan written Overlord series, which is revolves mainly around the main heroine, Hitomi Kousen (Gazer class) where this fan written version is like the side-story for the Overlord light novel.

She might look like the image below:


Here is the link for this version of it:

Lastly not!
Do support the author for all for the great work that he has done by buying the Overlord light novel in English when it is out!

Buy Overlord English Light Novel


  1. Bablofil

    Thanks, great article.

  2. Summer

    Awesome! Totally agree!

  3. Jac Onue

    Thanks for mentioning the story I’ve written.
    I understand it’s been quite a while, and we now have official volumes 12 & 13, but if anyone is curious I’ve completed this volume, and actually plan to write about 4 more volumes, before the official volume 14 is released.
    You can find the completed “Volume 12: The Two Monsters” on my site, as well as the next one “Volume 13: No One Can Escape Fate.”
    Happy reading 🙂


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