Overlord Light Novel PDF Download Link

Took quite long to upload the “complete” version of the Overlord English light novel into my Google Drive.

Overlord Light Novel PDF Download Link: Google Drive

Tried to make sure the spacing in between the texts are consistence as if blindly copy and paste from Skythewood website then the spacing will be a bit messy. Almost gave up many times…

Brain Unglaus Gave Up

How I wish where there is a maid like Solution to serve me while I was copying the whole Overlord translation into the Google Docs version.

Sebas and Solution

HOW TO: Overlord Light Novel PDF Download

You can refer to this other post that I wrote on how to read Overlord light novel in PDF format.
You also can download it as PDF format too!

Do we offer our translated chapters in epub or pdf-format?
->No, we don’t offer Epubs or PDFs as downloads, but fans are free to create them themselves. We won’t bother with that and won’t delete links to such files, but we also don’t host/link them as part of what this group does.
If you are looking for download-links, please ask your question in the Chatbox. Surely one of the other readers can point you in the right direction, or share a link with you.

Source: http://skythewood.blogspot.sg/p/the-comprehensive-overlord-faq-page.html

Hopefully this download links in the Google Drive, Overlord fans or soon-to-be fans will download them or read online and appreciate all the hard work that the translator groups has done 🙂


  1. KwaiiNani

    Thank You so much for uploading all of these translations! A kiss for you! Muah :3 But please don’t work too hard, i don’t want you to be sick and consequently unable to upload 🙁

  2. mark12

    i’m a bit late of this, but thanks for the compilations.

  3. sammyjack


    Sir, you deserve a great thanks on behalf of many people. The comfort of being able to read on my own computer has allowed me to enjoy this series immensely. I bought the first 2 novels and was sad to realize volume three didn’t have a hard cover yet!

    I give you, as well as the skythewood team, my greatest Pandora’s Actor Salute

  4. Nezro

    Thank you for your hard work!

    It is well appreciated. Thank you for filling the void in my heart and the insatiable desire to know more about the series.

    Seriously, I am very grateful.


  5. JE

    Thank you very much, for translating this awesome story! You sire are a man of passion! Thank you so much sir

  6. Lucapastry

    Download all. gyahahahaha but where I can find vol 1-3?

  7. Halimesh

    You did an awesome job doing this man, much thanks. Other people I found that translated it pretty much skipped half the story that was given and left obvious holes in the plot that made good portions of it make no sense. Well done and thanks again


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