Overlord Volume 10 is out!

It has been awhile since there is not really any updates for the Overlord Light Novel series since Overlord Volume 9 is released.

BUT….the long await is finally over, The volume 10 of Overlord light novel is finally out.
Yes, you heard me, the Overlord light novel raw for volume 10 is finally out.

That is not the only good news!
The other good news is that there is someone translating the light novel as we speak.

The title for the Overlord Volume 10 is The Ruler of Conspiracy.
This will be one of the longest volume for the Overlord Light Novel series.

Here is the full English translated copy of Overlord Volume 10.
Read now – Overlord Volume 10 Full – English

Spoiler for the Overlord Volume 10

After his coronation, Ainz decided to turn his kingdom into a utopia. A forever thriving world with various races that submit to him. As the first step, Ainz turns towards the Empire with the intention to strengthen the Adventurer’s Guild and nurture the adventurers.

Meanwhile, rulers of each countries who were taken aback by the sudden emergence of the sorcerer kingdom have devised their own countermeasures. How would Ainz, the immortal ruler of the country, influence them with his actions?

Source from: http://overlordmaruyama.wikia.com/wiki/Overlord_Volume_10

Overlord Volume 10 Intermission

Overlord Volume 10 Intermission
Direct link to the English version of the translated light novel: Overlord Volume 10 Intermission

Overlord Volume 10 Side Story: Girl’s Talk

Overlord Volume 10 Side Story
Just a short side story about the girls gossiping in Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Direct link to the English version of the translated light novel: Overlord Volume 10 Side Story: Girl’s Talk

Chapter 1 of the Volume 10 is also translated.
Just need to use the same link to read it.
Best to use the Sidebar view to have a easier time to navigate the website.

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Overlord Light Novel Volume 11 released date

Overlord Volume 11 will be released by September 30th.
Hopefully there isn’t any delay to it.
Finger crossed


  1. Thatguy

    Just wish there was some version with just text my phone can’t open the picture storys

    1. Stanislaw Sorokin

      You can make it by youself

  2. Elhessan

    For real? I mean, seriously? But why is it only consist of 3 chapters?

    1. Fuwafuwakid

      Unfortunately it was…

      1. Elhessan

        Fortunately i was in doubt. And i won’t say im sorry. No thank you. Nothing….

        Don’t mind me rambling. The LN has been scientifically proved to be genuine.

  3. Stanislaw Sorokin

    Thank you!!!
    Thank you very much!


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