Overlord Volume 10 Release Date

overlord light novel raw volume 10

Overlord Volume 10 is not out yet but you can pre-book it on Amazon!
The release date for Overlord Light Novel Raw of Volume 10 is on 2016/5/30 which is stated on the Amazon website.
Hopefully there will not be any delay for the release of Overlord Volume 10 raw 🙂
Here is the link: Overlord Volume 10 Raw

Overlord Volume 10
I gather a few things to help pass the time while waiting for the Overlord Volume 10 to be released.

Predictions for Overlord Volume 10

Here is some predictions made by fans of Overlord light novel which might contain spoilers.
You have been warned! Do not read if you don’t want any spoilers.

Overlord Blu-ray Special

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Overlord Blu-ray 3 Special – Voice Drama (Drama CD #4) (English Subtitled)

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