Overlord Volume 11 Release Date

Overlord Volume 11 Sneak Peak

Overlord Volume 11? What?

Yes! Great News peeps!

Is Overlord Volume 11 releasing soon?

Apparently that Overlord Volume 11 will be released at 30th of September 2016!

Yes, it is legit as we got this piece of information from Amazon!

Here is some pictures that we got from our lovely source:

Overlord Volume 11 Dragon

Overlord Volume 11 Dwarf

Overlord Volume 11 Beast

Volume 11 Spoiler

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Vol. 11, which forces the expansion of Madou countries followed! The Lost seeking rune technology aimed at the Kingdom of the mountain dwarf (dwarf) Ainz. Ainz who follow the aura and Shalltier in the country of the dwarf who set foot there while approaching the invasion of Ahito race to become Kuagoa. Ainz to exchange conditions that draw the rune Artificer to Madou countries make an appointment to recapture the king city of dwarf. So waiting and had is not Kuagoa only Azerurishia Mountains strongest tribe, Frost Dragon. Unknown Volume 11 of the majesty of the Madou countries go engraved on one after the other in the world.


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Overlord Light Novel Raw Volume 11 from Amazon

オーバーロード11 山小人の工匠
Overlord Light Novel Raw Volume 11

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