God of Bath English Webtoon (genre: comedy)

God of Bath Webtoon


Webtoon, what is webtoon?
In my opinion, webtoon is basically Korean web comics.
What makes it good? Because it has colours!
So you can enjoy reading it online with colours 🙂

God of Bath English Webtoon *Recommended*

I would recommend read God of Bath English Webtoon as it is quite interesting.

This comedy genre webtoon is about spa massaging or spa scrubbing, where Heo Sae somehow join as a spa massager/scrubber. Believing if he managed to win the competition of being the best spa scrubber, where the prize for winning is quite catchy as he will get a sedan and cash prize too.

God of Bath English Webtoon Fight Scene

There is a total of 30 episodes so you can finish it within a few hours 🙂

God of Bath Ending Spoiler

The ending of the story is quite interesting as he somehow managed to spot a climber climbing a building from far away and that reminded him that he should follow his dreams no matter how crazy it sounds to other people. Finally, we went and quit his current job, went back to pursue his dream of becoming the best spa scrubber.


You can read God of Bath English Webtoon by clicking the link below:
God of Bath English Webtoon

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