I miss Overlord light novel and manga

Warrior Armor

Been trying hard to looking for the raw source of the Overlord manga since I miss Overlord light novel and manga since there was no update for both the Overlord light novel and manga (English version).

Overlord manga

According to “Swiss Guy” in the comment area of Overlord wiki, maybe there will be no new manga for Overlord for this month 🙁
Swiss guy comment for Overlord manga

Only managed to find this website which have some raws for Overlord manga, can’t managed to find any new raws there. So, maybe what “Swiss Guy” commented might be true 🙁

Overlord light novel

According to Skythewood translation group, the next chapter for the English Overlord light novel will be released 6th June 2015.
Overlord release schedule
Last week didn’t have any updates too since the next update was going to be 6th June 2015.
Hopefully, this time it will be a long chapter or a full chapter 🙂

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