Overlord english light novel translator group found!


Finally I found the group that is currently translating overlord light novel skythewood.

I was actively checking the google drive for the next update as can’t for the next volume (volume 4) to be out. Volume 4 will be featuring a new race which is the lizard man 🙂

UPDATED (October 2015): New Google Drive Link

Luckily the translating group posted the next release date which is 25th April 2015, hopefully there will not be any delay as I can’t stop myself from reading the new volume. Hopefully there will be a few English translated chapters for volume 4 so can keep me company for a few days 🙂

Hopefully the other fans also take note on the next release date too! Hopefully more people will read the overlord English light novel as I enjoyed it very very much.

Overlord Banzai!!


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