Overlord Light Novel

Yggdrasil Overlord

This a must read light novel if you read the manga version. The manga version is a bit lacking in information as the author for the manga rushed almost all of the minor details regarding character backgrounds.

Everything in the manga is quite rushed and didn’t explain properly. The light novel pace is much better if you like to know more about everything regarding to the Overlord.

*Spoilers Alert* – Read in your own risk!

The manga skipped all of the character details for Gazef.

Gazef character background is quite interesting as he is one of the strongest warrior in the country, even in the neighbouring countries too. Other than that, he is unbeatable  if he is using the Kingdom’s five treasures; they are like some sort of legendary items.

The [Gauntlet of Endurance] that granted his bearer endless stamina. The [Amulet of Immortality] that provided regeneration. Made of incredibly hard steel, the [Guardian Armor] prevented any instantly killing attack. And [Razor Edge], a magically sharpened sword with the ability to slice through armor like paper.

Image taken from 1 of the chapters 🙂

Guess who is the characters inside 😛
Overlord Mystery Character

This is the link for the translated light novel for Overlord

Overlord Light Novel
UPDATED (October 2015): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2orjigYr4YFcGVBTXJaeUF4b1U

This is the link for the wiki about Overlord

Overlord wiki link

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    Thank you so much!! ! i have been looking for this novel for a long time ! it must take you a lot of time to sort out it. THANK YOU!


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