Overlord manga *new*

Just found a new manga that looks very promising; Overlord Manga

Overlord manga

Overlord manga

The manga is about a virtual reality game where the MC(Main Character) got stuck in it due to the game server shutting down. Momonga(MC) got trapped in his in-game character which is a skeleton lich where he is the guild master of one of the top guild. When he is trapped in the game world, he realised that the NPCs(his underlings) have acquired self awareness and he went to test out this new world.

One of the other reason that I totally got hooked on is due to /ak/ scanlations. They are one of the best scanlators out there 🙂

Did you know? This manga is an adaption of a light novel too. They even have a drama cd version for it too.

Maybe I should read the light novel too like Log Horizon. Only time will tell about how good this manga will be.

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