Overlord Manga Raw??

Overlord Manga Raw

I am curious on where does the Overlord manga raw came from… (obviously someone scan and upload to the internet) 😛
So I decided to do some investigation work and used my favourite tools (Uncle Google).
Looked high and low but still unable to find the web version for the Overlord manga raw.
Seems like there is a lack of uploaded/scanlation copy for the Overlord manga raw.

Overlord Manga Raw Cover Chapter 5

Overlord Manga Raw

These two websites are the only Japanese raw that I managed to dig out.
1. 77mh – http://en.77mh.com/colist_236145.html (Most up-to-date – Latest chapter 21)
2. Sen Manga – http://raw.senmanga.com/Overlord/ (Not updated – Latest chapter 6)
3. Raw Manga – Raw Manga (Not updated – Latest chapter 5)

As for the 2 listed websites above, both still does not have the complete copies for all the raws.

If anyone know where to find all the raws for Overlord manga, please do drop a message in the comment area.
Much appreciated! 🙂

Overlord Anime

If you enjoyed reading the manga version, maybe you should watch Overlord Anime too!
The latest episode for Overlord anime is current at episode 2 which Momonga is still exploring the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

For more information regarding Overlord anime: CLICK HERE

Overlord Light Novel

If you are looking for the Overlord raw for light novel, maybe you should take a look here


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