Read Overlord English Light Novel Offline

How to read Overlord English Light Novel Offline by using this easy steps! 🙂
Just a friendly tips, if you want to download and read the English light novel for Overlord offline.
You can follow this steps 😛
1. Go to the Google Drive for the English light novel for Overlord
UPDATED (October 2015):
2. Press the chapter that you would like to read.
3. After the chapter loads, click on the “Pop-out” button on the top left of the screen.
4. A pop-up will appear, then hover over “File” at the menu and select “Download as”.
File Menu
5. There are 6 types of format that you can choose. After choosing 1 of them, you can save the chapter on your computer so can you can read it later while offline 🙂

PS: Personally, I will recommend for “PDF document” (.pdf) as most devices supports it. Most of the time, I will download it and use my iBook to read 🙂


  1. anggra

    thnks for the tips 🙂

  2. Fuadzko

    where’s the volume 9 chapter 5 ??

    1. idlez (Post author)

      Added back Overlord volume 9 chapter 5.
      Thank you for spotting it.

      Here is the link for Overlord volume 9 chapter 5:

  3. Idiot Anon

    I may or may not have messed something up.

    1. Idiot Anon

      I don’t know.

  4. scott

    thanks a lot bro made my DAY


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